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Pharmaserv’s cloud solutions enable life science sales and medical representatives to automate sales, marketing and distribution processes for efficiency and faster results.

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Our suite of software solutions is designed to enable you to streamline processes, enhance productivity, and deliver exceptional results.

Modern Field Service Application​

Take control of your sales pipeline, drive deal velocity, and accurately forecast – all in one place.

All-inclusive Medical eDetailing Software

Unify your medical facility’s complete product offerings with Copilot, an all-inclusive medical e-detailing software.

Discover How Pharmaserv Transforms Your Business

Our industry cloud solutions support your most essential marketing, sales, and distribution operations with top-of-the-line features, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can scale quickly and effectively.

Field Sales Analytics

Make informed decisions with features that allow you to examine individual customer interactions and historical sales data. By pinpointing and addressing inefficiencies through our field sales analytics, you can strategically enhance your field operations, paving the way for sustainable growth and improved performance.

Improved Client Satisfaction

Pharmaserv field service software enables multi-modal sales operation teams to produce customer orders in real time and distribute digital pricing lists with customized products to provide clients with a smooth and practical buying experience.

Effective Field Management

PharmaServ allows you to monitor your field service staff's movements to every location and prospect with precision, provides a seamless sales arsenal with invoicing and order management, and has an integrated calendar to assign meetings efficiently and keep everything in order.

Better Medical Detailing

With Copilot, medical representatives and managers get a streamlined process for medical detailing, including scheduling visits and events, setting and planning KPIs with prompts to ensure they are met, bulk uploads to aid the presentation of products to healthcare practitioners, and more.

Real-time GPS Geo-fencing

PharmaServ offers a game-changing GPS geo-fencing feature with real-time tracking of sales and medical reps, providing a reliable way to confirm their location accuracy. This feature is available in the Field Service Management and Copilot apps to provide enhanced transparency, guaranteeing that your reps are where they check in.

Improved Prospect Communication

Pharmaserv is tailor-made to the unique needs of medical and sales reps in the life science industry with information and media management features that provide consistency and uniformity in data reporting, promote productivity, and enhance communication with target audiences.

Supercharged Sales and Marketing

Our integrated suite of tools is designed to streamline your sales and marketing efforts, reducing bottlenecks and accelerating your growth. By harnessing the power of data-driven insights, you are empowered to make informed decisions and optimize your sales strategy.

What Our Customers Say

A1 software. Highly recommended. Will continue to use for as long as it’s possible.

Pharm Elozona

Director - Sycamore Pharmaceutical

Personalization at scale, made my sales task much easier.

Ms Ijeoma

Director Marketing and Sales - Grinta Pharma

I have used PharmaServ Field Service app in the past and its direct competitors most recently, and PharmaServ ease of use and quality of integration is infinitely better.

Mr Ibrahim

Head of Sales - Sartor Healthcare




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Frequently Asked Questions

PharmaServ is a Mobile and Web-combined salesforce and medical detailing automation system that helps modern sales, marketing, and medical detailing teams execute their company’s sales mandate.

The medical detailing software is called Co-Pilot and it provides a host of features for pharmaceutical companies looking to sell their products, helping with the medical detailing process while Pharmaserv field service software helps with sales.

Both platforms requires a manager to invite their team members and monitor their day-to-day workflow.

We regularly patch our software and operating systems to the latest and most secure version. We maintain system consistency and security using solid passwords and restricting access to only authorised people.

Your partnership and insight mean the world to us as we evolve how modern sales teams do business. Get in touch with us today if you want more information or for a demo.

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