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Key Features to Supercharge Your Field Service Management

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Benefits of PharmaServ Field Service Software For Your Business

Align your sales team and crush your goals.

Take Control Over Your Receivables and Debts

Our dashboard gives businesses great visibility on their trade receivable, with more insight into actual payment terms, cycle times, returns, and due dates. PharmaServ allows you to make better business decisions on your trade receivable and debt Management.

Delight Prospects and Vet Customers with Speed

With single source customer premises unique number, you can verify and onboard a customer within minutes. Meet your customers with the right promotions and stock, optimise your route-to-market plans, and make the most of each interaction through AI-based selling.

Manage Sales Orders and Run Sales Reports in Real-Time

Our platform enables multi-modal sales operation teams to generate orders from customers in real-time and share digital price lists with customisable products. Route orders to your accounting team for credit checks in real-time, prompt delivery schedules, and integrate processes to customer service, including integration with your ERP.

Supercharge Your Field Service Team

Our Web and Mobile combined app for sales automation helps you Increase sales performance through deeper insights into your team productivity and transparency across the supply chain to improve efficiency and lower cost.

Accelerate your invoice-to-pay cycle and improve cash flow

Accelerate Your Invoice-to-pay Cycle and Improve Cash Flow

With PharmaServ Proprietary Dynamic Discounting, any day counts in your invoice-to-pay cycle. When invoices get received, posted, and approved by sales managers, it allows your customers to pay now or quicker and, in return, take a higher early-payment discount. It works both ways: later payment with fewer discounts and faster payment with more discounts. No longer have you needed to improve your cash flow in a dwindling macroeconomic outlook and use your credit cycle times against invoice due dates to improve cash performance.

Track Field Service Staff Activities

Shortening the purchase-to-pay process is not only about reducing sales cycle times. It is also about creating a system that tracks field service staff visitations to each customer on a daily basis, and route plans using an integrated calendar, including assignment of meetings. With PharmaServ, you can truly monitor customers' appointments using GPS to track field service staff movement, including customer premises check-in.

Comprehensive Field Sales Analytics

Our manager’s dashboard allows you to analyse your historical sales activities, customer base, and customer run rate and have an overall deep dive into individual customer levels. It gives you insight into where bottlenecks actually occur, the root cause of those and how to solve them.

Improve Team Productivity and Streamline Field Management

Learn Actual Customer Insights to Improve

Efficient strategies are key for locating and engaging with qualified client prospects and conducting fruitful follow-up conversations and visits. PharmaServ's sales CRM software equips medical sales agents to find ideal clients and effortlessly gather all the necessary information for successful future contacts or visits.

Get Organised Order Management

PharmaServ's Field Service App is tailor-made for the unique needs of the life science industry. With it, you can easily manage order info, track order history, and respond to specific requirements. It's the key to smooth operations, improved productivity of your sales representatives, and staying ahead in the industry. Get ahead with PharmaServ today.

Improved Service and Time Management with Data

Our medical sales field service management software offers a solution to boost your sales team's productivity and ensure alignment with goals. It provides clarity and reduces cognitive pressure when deciding the next steps, thanks to our workflow-based planner. This keeps your salesforce productively focused on the right tasks, maximising results.

Meet Targets, Grow Revenue

Track Sales Trends and Make Data-Backed Decisions

Pharmaserv's field service software provide trend reports on sales so you know what is working and what is not; from the data, you can see what period brings the most sales and what products. This helps you prefer ahead so you convert more sales.

Set Targets and Motivate Team

In-built in the field service software is a section for setting sales targets for any period. With that, your team know what they need to achieve and can track progress on their targets so they know when they are close to meeting their KPIs and stay motivated.

Improve Revenue With AI Support

With AI-recommeded discount suggestions and the sales trend data, you can power-surge sales by making intelligent decisions at the right time. Our field service management app empowers your team to plan right and meet their goals every quarter.

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Join Top Companies Using Pharmaserv Field Service App

A1 software. Highly recommended. Will continue to use for as long as it’s possible.

Pharm Elozona

Director - Sycamore Pharmaceutical

Personalization at scale, made my sales task much easier.

Ms Ijeoma

Director Marketing and Sales - Grinta Pharma

I have used PharmaServ Field Service app in the past and its direct competitors most recently, and PharmaServ ease of use and quality of integration is infinitely better.

Mr Ibrahim

Head of Sales - Sartor Healthcare

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FAQs About PharmServ Field Service Software

PharmaServ Field Service App is a Platform that helps your team set and execute on a cadence of demand creation, detailing aid, local purchase orders, and managing communications to convert more target accounts into customer accounts. PharmaServ equips sales leaders with new capabilities to test, learn, analyse and adapt to ensure they execute the most effective selling process for their account-based approach.

Our sign-up process requires two simple steps. Please register on our platform, go to your email, copy your login credentials and use the credentials to log into the system.

Afterwards, you will be prompted to invite your sales team members, and they will also receive an email with their credentials. Then, the field sales team members must download the mobile app and use the same credentials to log in.

PharmaServ’s field service apps (field service management and copilot) are available on Android and iOS. You can make use of our user-friendly app on the go.

Yes. Pharmaserv helps support your core business by ensuring that field technicians and service managers can integrate with your existing systems for business automation. Our field service management software can be integrated with several business apps, including Microsoft Dynamics, Xero, Odoo, QuickBooks, Sage, and SAP.

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