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Features for Medical Representatives

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Benefits of PharmaServ Copilot For Your Business

PharmaServ’s edetailing platform has several advantages for medical reps and managers.

Improve Medical Detailing Processes and Impact

Automate meeting scheduling with HCPs

Pharmaserv Copilot allows your medical reps to be on track with industry-leading scheduling features for meetings with healthcare professionals and automation of reporting to their manager without the use of papers that can be lost.

Never Miss an HCP's Reaction

Manual processes can result in your medical rep forgetting aspects of the meeting if they need to recall them later. That is not the case with our medical edetailing solution because engagement is captured while they are with an HCP, including comments, objections, and reactions.

Improved Overall Results

Pharmaserv Copilot empowers medical reps and managers to boost performance and productivity with comprehensive planning, scheduling, data management, and feedback collation.

Create Standards Across All Med Reps

Enjoy Uniformity and Consistency in Information Sharing

Our medical edetailing system provides uniformity in data reporting across all medical representatives in an organisation, enhancing clarity and communication within your team and with healthcare providers.

Improved Quality Control

PharmaServ Copilot sets standards for every medical representative in showcasing your products to a healthcare professional and detailing the results of each interaction, enabling you to gain a deeper understanding of your analytics.

Better Decision Making

Standardised reporting makes it easier for the company to compile and examine information from each medical representative. This can guide in the formulation of more intelligent strategies and decisions.

Enable Medical Managers and Medical Reps to Achieve Sales Targets

Plan and Set KPIs Efficiently

Medical reps can easily plan and set KPIs stating the number of facilities and key personnel they will meet every week/month/year. This helps pharmaceutical companies plan pharma marketing and sales targets and make strategic decisions.

Intelligence KPI Prompts and Updates

We've developed a dynamic KPI monitoring system that updates with each visit, giving managers and representatives real-time insights into their progress toward KPIs. Additionally, our system offers proactive prompts to guide medical representatives toward reaching their predefined targets.

Accelerate Results with Performance Activities

Planning product launches, pre-launches, exhibitions, and other events linked to your medical detailing efforts is effortlessly coordinated with Copilot. Our medical detailing software guarantees your team's readiness and presence at critical events, enabling the successful presentation of your pharmaceutical products.

Optimise the Tracking and Management of Med Reps

Spot Medical Reps with Geo-Fencing

With Copilot's Geo-fencing features, you know where your med reps are when they claim they are in the field. Managers can see where a medical representative is once they check-in for their scheduled meeting at a medical facility.

Enhanced Communication Among Teams

Managers and medical representatives can communicate more effectively using the PharmaServ edetailing app. When reports are provided, managers can offer prompt feedback or support saved to each report, resulting in more efficient and adaptable teamwork.

Effortless Verification of Tasks and Interactions

With the capacity to monitor KPIs, verify interactions with healthcare providers, and gain comprehensive insights into every engagement, managers can precisely identify medical reps in need of additional support to reach their objectives. This also ensures a consistent level of professionalism and adherence to corporate policies and guidelines.

Improve Presentations to Prospects With Media Upload

Always be Prepared with Bulk Uploads

Medical reps and managers can bulk upload media files, including presentations about your product, infographics, and other images. Also, they can bulk upload information on healthcare professionals, facilitating productivity and total workflow efficiency.

Increased Team Confidence

Medical representatives' confidence can be boosted by having excellent presentation materials and being well prepared. Presentations within the upload section can help supercharge your medical representatives while they showcase your products.

Increased HCP Engagement

Engage HCPs actively with interactive components within Pharmaserv's edetailing solution, such as infographics and demo videos uploaded in Copilot. This not only enhances their experience but also contributes to more informed decision-making.

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A1 software. Highly recommended. Will continue to use for as long as it’s possible.

Pharm Elozona

Director - Sycamore Pharmaceutical

Personalization at scale, made my sales task much easier.

Ms Ijeoma

Director Marketing and Sales - Grinta Pharma

I have used PharmaServ Field Service app in the past and its direct competitors most recently, and PharmaServ ease of use and quality of integration is infinitely better.

Mr Ibrahim

Head of Sales - Sartor Healthcare

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FAQs About PharmServ Copilot

eDetailing Software Management is the process of overseeing and controlling the usage and performance of e-detailing platforms in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. This is typically essential for larger pharmaceutical and healthcare businesses with an extensive sales force and custom software. However, with our advanced detailing software, even smaller businesses can efficiently manage their eDetailing processes without needing a separate management tool. Our integrated solution is designed to streamline all aspects of medical detailing, making it a cost-effective choice for businesses of all sizes.

GPS geo-fencing is a location-based service that initiates a pre-programmed action upon a mobile device entering or leaving a virtual border established around a certain location. Our edetailing software uses this functionality to track medical representatives in real-time when they check-in in order to prevent them from making false location reports.

Real-time tracking of medical representatives, document management, meeting scheduling ease, performance and productivity enhancement, team confidence, and HCP engagement are a few advantages of PharmaServ’s edetailing solution.

Yes, we offer a field service management software to help boost your sales. Our field service app is optimised for pharma sales teams to boost conversions and collation of payment. Click on the link to learn more.

We provide an easy way to sign-up. First, you register on our platform, which triggers an email with your login information. With that, you can access Pharmaserv Copilot and add your team members as users. Your team members (medical representatives and managers) must then download one of the mobile apps (Android or iOS) and log in with their own credentials, which will also be sent to them via email.

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